Ability To Smile At Your Misfortune Is The Greatest Weapon - Jefferson Uwoghiren ~

Ability To Smile At Your Misfortune Is The Greatest Weapon – Jefferson Uwoghiren


A Benin based legal practitioner and human rights activist, Barrister Jefferson Uwoghiren has analyzed the character that played out recently when an America actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage for making joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith at this year Oscars award ceremony held in California.

Barrister Jefferson Uwoghiren in a message few hours ago urged people to note that not every situation in life needs one’s response.

He said thus:

Will Smith was easily winning it while sitting in the audience, when Chris Rock had insulted his wife from the stage.

But he chose to stand up and walk towards defeat. The moment he slapped Chris, he lost it all- the power, the respect and the situation.

The ability to control your anger is the greatest superpower. Life is not a movie & you are not an action hero; remain grounded at all times.

Chris had already lost all the respect, the moment he named Jada Smith in his poor joke. He regained some, when he failed to retaliate to that slap.

Gained all, as he calmly smiled at his situation and carried on. Earned huge respect when he refused to file a complaint with the organizers or with the police.

The ability to smile at your misfortune is the greatest weapon. If you possess it, you may not need to use the greatest power.

Not every situation is worthy of your response.

Don’t lose, when all you have to do to win a situation is, ‘Don’t respond’.

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