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2023 Election: Don’t Vote People Who Only Care About Fulanis – David Abioye


Assistant General Overseer of Living Faith Church well known as Winners Chapel, David Abioye has urged christians to vote only people that can defend christian faith, all ethnic groups and not those that will care only about the people from the Fulani tribe.

David Abioye said, for the past eight years since President Muhammadu Buhari came into power, Fulanis have been killing people in different parts of Nigeria, and no single one of them have been arrested.

David Abioye urged christians to vote for someone who can defend their faith and not a person that will allow Fulanis slaughter them.

David Abioye said, the church has suffered so much with k!llings in different parts of the country, largely in Christian communities in Benue, Taraba, and recently at Owo in Ondo States.

The Living Faith Church senior pastor said, it would be deceptive to say there is no religion in politics.

He said Christians should not hide it that they are voting for their faith.

He said till tomorrow he would vote for his faith.

David Abioye noted that in Nasarawa State that is highly populated with people from Christian Faith, don’t have any christian as commissioner in the state.

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