OsazuwaAkonedo Uncategorized Attempted Murder, I Never Knew Victim Was Holding My Car Side Mirror – Timaya

Attempted Murder, I Never Knew Victim Was Holding My Car Side Mirror – Timaya

Attempted Murder, I Never Knew Victim Was Holding My Car Side Mirror - Timaya ~


Nigerian music star, Inetimi Timaya Odon well recognized as Timaya has narrated what happened between him and a young lady who confronted him on Wednesday for scratching and damaging her car.

Timaya had been accused of attempted murder by thus deliberately using his vehicle to ram into the lady and dragged the young lady on the road until the young lady could no longer hold grip of the vehicle and thereby fell off.

Timaya confirmed the young lady came to his vehicle and knocked on the car window screen which he rolled down the window to hear her out. Timaya said the young lady accused him of scratching and damaging her car.

Timaya who confirmed that he did not come out of his vehicle to verify if the lady’s claim was true, said the lady insisted on settlement for her damaged car immediately and refused to allow him leave the road.

Timaya added that he drove off to avoid being mobbed as 4 to 5 boys were approaching him, not knowing immediately that the young lady was still holding the side mirror of his car.

Excerpts of press release personally signed and made available yesterday by Timaya reads thus:

The narrative of yesterday’s incident being a hit & run is false and very misleading.

On my way driving through traffic along House on the Rock road at lkate, a lady walked up to my car and knocked on my window and later held on to my side mirror while insisting that had scratched and damaged her car.

I wound down the window to hear her out and asked her if we could at least leave the road in order to avoid a scene which she blatantly refused.

She insisted that we couldn’t move from the spot as she held onto the side mirror. I asked her for her information so we could leave the road and resolve matters appropriately, but she refused to give her number or collect mine.

As she continued to insist that I make a payment for ‘damages’ immediately, the scene got more dangerous as 4-5 boys started to gather around my car, which made me more concerned and worried as I hadn’t even seen the damage done.

I started to doubt the whole scenario, so l
drove off to avoid being mobbed and did not notice immediately that the lady had held on to my side mirror as I drove off.

After leaving the scene, I got information that the lady had been injured as I drove off, and had been rushed to the Health centre. I had people rush down to the scene immediately, after searching, we traced her to General Hosptal, Lagos Island.

My team reached out through various channels and were eventually able to reach her sister directly who gave us the actual location of the hospital she had been admitted into.

My team members were there as quickly as possible to meet with her and her family, and stayed with them till midnight when she was discharged from the hospital. I couldn’t be there in person yesterday as I had an engagement in Ogun State which I had left for.

Just to add that after members of my team had left the hospital, I had sent an emissary to the family home to see her husband that same night.

My emissary discussed at length with her husband and conveyed my sincere remorse on the incident and promised to come see him early the next day.

My emissary pleaded wth her husband to give me the chance to elaborately express how sorry I was about how things played out and to take care of things and do the needful in a situation like this. On my way from Ogun State, I stopped at the hospital, but She had been discharged, I also tried to stop by her house but could not see anyone because it was too late

Early this morning around 7am, we went to the lady’s house. When I got to the house, I met with her husband and we got into lengthy pleas and talks.

Picture shows screenshots of Timaya press release
Picture shows screenshots of Timaya press release

After the meeting with her husband, we were met with police officers outside the compound who invited us to the station and of course we cooperated and are still co-operating with them.

I sympathize with the lady and I wish the events had played out diferently. Under no
circumstances would l intentionally wish to cause anyone harm, talk less of being involved in a…

The media has sadly narrated this another way, but that’s not surprising. The thought that I can successfully stage a hit and run while in traffic and at this stage in my career is at best a big joke.

l apologize to my fans and well wishers who must have perceived this differently and most importantly to the lady, her husband who has been an absolute gentleman through this ordeal and her family who is dealing with the shock.

I wish her a speedy recovery, God bless her.

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