Catholic Seeks Special Land To Bury Owo Victims ~

Catholic Seeks Special Land To Bury Owo Victims


By Press Unit

Since the incident on Sunday, 5th June 2022 at Owo, the once sleepy town has been unsettled and sombre.

Shops have been closed and a most noticeable feature is the cluster of people in strategic locations around town.

People are debating on the why, how, and what of this sad occurrence.

In fact, the women of the town, led by the head of the market women, organized a protest procession that culminated in a prayer session against the perpetrators.

To further condemn this evil act and desecration of life by all standards, the Bishops of Lagos and Ibadan Ecclesiastical Provinces visited the Diocese of Ondo where the incident happened.

Present were Bishops Adeleke Abegunrin (Ibadan Archdiocese), Jude Arogundade (Ondo Diocese), Felix Femi Ajakaye (Ekiti Diocese), Very Reverend Father Anselm Pendo Láwàní (Diocesan Administrator of Ilorin Diocese), John Akin Oyejola (Osogbo Diocese), Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo (Oyo Diocese), Francis Obafemi Adesina (Ijebu-Ode Diocese) and Bishop emeritus of Ondo Diocese, Francis Folorunso Alonge.

From the Bishop’s residence, they proceeded to the scene of the massacre, from there to the King’s Palace (Olowo of Owo land), then to the Governor’s house and finally to the hospitals where the survivors are currently receiving treatment.

Speaking at every point of convergence, the Metropolitan of Ibadan Archdiocese, His Grace, Most Reverend (Doctor) Gabriel ‘Leke Abegunrin, condemned the act vehemently and described it as fighting against God.

He believes that God will take up the fight against the evil doers.

Furthermore, he charged the government to pull all efforts together to make sure anyone involved in this horrible killing of unharmed innocent be brought to face timely justice.

On this note, he commended the Governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu for his bold steps and promise made in ensuring that the perpetrators are apprehended.

Bishop Jude, the Local Ordinary of Ondo Diocese, also condemned the killing and said it is unacceptable and he wants something to be done in ensuring a non-repeat of this ugly incident.

To have a befitting burial for the dead, the Bishop asked for a piece of Land from the State, located at a strategic place in Owo, where a park can be built and beautified in a way that gives some dignity to humanity even in death.

In his speech, he said, “we have to let these evil doers know that we cannot be defeated and that when we come out, we come out strong.”

Getting a place of burial would make a statement that shames the perpetrators of this havoc, he said.

Responding to the Bishops, the Governor appreciated the Bishops, Priests and everyone present at the exclusive meeting.

He further condemned the killings and reiterated his assurance on the gunmen being trailed, caught, and made to face the law.

Special thanks to the Bishops of Ibadan and Lagos Ecclesiastical Provinces for the show of solidarity.

The painstaking visits today to various places are signs of charity that will never fade in history.

Appreciation also goes to the Olowo of Owo, the State Government ably led by the Governor, and everyone who sacrificed time and energy to visit the survivors of the awful incident of Sunday.

@views exclusive rights: Press Unit, Catholic Diocese of Ondo, June 9, 2022.

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