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Senator Regina Mundi Rescued Alive From Ambazonia

Senator Regina Mundi Rescued Alive From Ambazonia ~


Senator Regina Mundi who was kidnapped since April this year has been rescued by the Cameroonian military from the separatist Ambazonia forces.

Cameroon’s military on Tuesday said it managed to rescue Senator Regina Mundi, after two days of heavy battles with rebels who had taken her hostage.

Military spokesperson, Serge Cyrille Atongfack said in a press release on Tuesday that Senator Regina Mundi was rescued after two days of heavy gun battles that took place in Batibo district in Cameroon’s Northwest region.

Atongfack said separatists tried to escape advancing government troops on Sunday with six hostages, including Senator Mundi but the troops stopped the rebels, killing ten of them and capturing three, without any harm to the captives.

A video of Senator Regina Mundi shortly after her release saw the Senator speaking both in English and pidgin English thanking the President, military generals and Cameroonian soldiers for her rescue.

Senator Regina Mundi said her one month stay in captivity shows that the Region is at war.

She said there are more things she had to say that she can’t say now.

Capo Daniel, deputy defense chief of the Ambazonia Defense Forces, one of Cameroon’s rebel groups said that government troops freed Mundi and other hostages but denied the military’s claim that fighters were killed and captured, according to news report.

It would be recalled the separatists have been fighting since 2017 to break away from Cameroon and its French-speaking majority to create an English-speaking state called Ambazonia.

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